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Big discount on default


The Bank of Bangladesh has benefited many people from non-repayment from banks. By paying 2% of the loan they can make a regular loan. The interest rate will be 9%. You can also redeem your balance for a ten-year period with a one-year loan repayment period. Your bank may get a new loan again.

There is a great discount for those who want to repay their loans within a year. If they want, they will be able to repay the remaining amount of the equivalent interest on the cost of the fund. At present, the financing cost of banks is about 7-7%.

On Thursday evening, the Bank of Bangladesh announced a special loan policy for repatriation and one – time repayment. The Treasury has previously delivered a policy draft to the Bank of Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh banks have several advantages, but all benefits follow the drafts provided by the government.

The central bank said that its lending and restoration activities were hampered by debt defaulters. These decisions were taken to maintain normal credit flows in production and to default. It is said that if the debt is bad or harmful in the notice, that is, if the debt is gone, this facility will be provided.

On Thursday, the central bank issued all of the payments at once, did not pay installments, and they announced another notice called & # 39; Good Customer. & # 39; 10% of the interest collected in one year will be refunded.

Khandaker Ibrahim Khaled, former lieutenant general of the Bank of Bangladesh, said: "The new facility is the saddest thing in the whole banking sector. Opportunities can go under basic car loans. "

Many bankers say the new benefits will not reduce the crisis in the banking sector. A liquidity crisis is underway at banks. Some banks are too bad to return deposits. The borrower is subject to exemplary punishment based on the trust of the customer.

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