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BNP-led Alliance Voting Decision National


Decision on BNP-led Alliance Vote

The BNP Alliance has decided to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Yesterday after a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Party, a decision was made at the 20th Alliance meeting. BNP leaders also addressed the National Unity Forum. Today, tomorrow or tomorrow, Delegate Begum Khaleda Zia will be officially announced after she met her in prison and heard her comments.

The Board of Elections sends a letter to the Election Commission on Sunday for a cancellation and all elections. In that letter it would be that many people would choose the symbol of the party if we were to participate in the election. Again, many people are jointly elected. Registered parties will be their own team. The symbol of the non-registrant will be the symbol of BNP. But the 20-party coalition Jamaat-e-Islami did not make a decision yesterday. They took a day at BNP. They will choose whether or not we will choose an independent and neutral person today. BNP Standing Committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain has been appointed as the seat assignment coordinator among the participants.

On the other hand, the Gulshan BNP chairperson's office opposed the Standing Committee meeting on two objections. They said they should decide to look closely at the situation. Later, BNP wanted to ask opposition leaders to vote at twenty party leaders' meetings. In this regard, most alliance leaders expressed their views on participation. Some leaders in the ruling party have recommended not to participate in the election boycotts and declare the rallies for harsh moves.

After the meeting, the president of the Alliance, Oli Ahmad Colle Oli Ahmad, told reporters that he had not yet decided whether or not to appear at the polling place. In the next two days, BNP will submit a final decision to the country as a 20-nation alliance, the leader of the Union Alliance Front. Prime Minister Oli Mahmood has discussed that he will not go to the elections. The government promised to guarantee an equal arena for all. We do not think everyone has identified an equal arena. We see especially BNP leaders – workers are being held in custody, tortured on the streets, and will not be able to say clearly our decisions until after this is over. If BNP chairman Khaleda Zia is released, the election environment will be returned. So far, there is no equal opportunity for everyone. It is the government's responsibility to make sure. He asked me a lot of people. I have an obligation to send a letter to the election committee today. In this case, we will write to the EC in writing. If we take part in the 11th Jatiya Sangsad election, many will participate in our own party symbol, and many will take part in the election of the BNP-led coalition led by BNP. Oliam also said 20 political alliances have been decided, but the 20-party alliance will not take part in the polls with the views and opinions of the National Security Council. Mr Olly said one question would be choosing my party's symbol to the grave if the election was held.

BNP Chairman Nazrul Islam Khan, Kazi Zafar Mostafa Jamal Haider, Moulana Abdul Halim of Jamaat, BJP and BNP leader Andalib Rahman Parthha, Maulana Mohammad Khalafat Ishaq of Majlish, Ahmed Abdul Quader, Maulana MA Rakib Jote of Islami Oikya, Welfare Mostafizur Rahman of the Fariduz Labor Party of the NDP, Mostafizur Rahman of the Muslim League, Ghaveb Newaz of the People's League, Azharul Muslim of the Naf Vashani, Saifuddin Ahmed Moni, Saeed Ahmed of the Samyabadi Party, Jamiyet of the Syed Muhammad Ibrahim of the Party, Redwan Ahmed of the Liberal Democratic Party, Chairman Tasamia Jagagar Maulana Noor Hossain Kasami from Ulama Islam, Mufti Muhammad Waqas from Bangladesh, Syed Ehsanul Huda from Bangladesh, People's Party of Bangladesh, Rita Rahman from Minriti Janata and Sukrit kum from Minriti Janata Party.

Previously, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, the BNP secretary general, was in a meeting at the BNP emergency meeting. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Moudud Ahmed, Zamiruddin Sarkar, Mirza Abbas and Nazrul Islam Khan.

Meanwhile, the leader of the national unification front leader, Ganoforam, said. Kamal Howa told reporters yesterday that the National Unity Front would take part in the election. But he demanded that he withdraw his election schedule. doctor. Kamal Hossain said it is in principle to go to a polling station. Therefore, the election schedule must be canceled. But if there is an indication that the election is unacceptable, we will not go there. Kamal Hossain said Sheikh Hasina would not comment on the issue if she would take part in the elections under the Hasina government. The problem of secularism is within the seven point requirement of a unified front. There is a detailed discussion of these issues in the conversation.

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