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Call the PM from Mashrafe before the final call: -770254 | Colakanto


Another final. Wait for the trophy again. The seventh Bangladesh must play the final to win the first title. Before that, the last six trophies left. What are the disadvantages? Bangladesh will face the West Indies in the Irish tri-series finals on Friday. The prime minister on Thursday had a good conversation with all the parties about the video of Captain Mashrafei.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina braved the Bangladesh team that it was not the last time to be a champion. But it is important to bear in mind.

Mashraff said the prime minister had never spoken of his trophy victory. He greeted the team. He spoke openly in his mind without tension. There is no such thing as a champion. He greeted us many times over the phone. Always said the same. Never say that the champion will be there right now.

Mashrafe also talks about getting me a trophy, wherever I go, even in my family. But Bangladesh does not think the prime minister is one. Prior to the final Asian Cup final, he said. "People do not understand much, I do not even know how to play, but I know that the final match is very big, you do not have to win, and we are happy if we are happy." If the Prime Minister thinks so, additional motivation is certainly provided.

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