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Causal relationship upazila in primary and secondary districts

Elementary teachers have helped the human chain in all regions and businesses requiring payroll discrimination and 11th grade wages with 100% promotion. After the human chain, the teacher sent a memorandum to the UNO about the district administrator and upazila. Hundreds of assistant teachers have participated in this program at the Global Village and UnaJira Headquarters.
In 1969, the principal and assistant teachers received a salary of 135 rupees. During Bangabandhu's tenure there was no gap between the principal and assistant, but now it is a three-step gap. After age 16, the salary of the principal will be about 20,000 takas including Bata. Currently, the teacher starts to work according to the scale, and the assistant teacher finishes with that degree. This is a major imbalance of the TA.
According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the pay grade of assistant teachers working in elementary school in elementary school in the same department, other department, and other departments is three to four times higher than that of assistant teachers. Even in areas of lower education than teachers, other departments have more jobs than assistant teachers. In this situation, the assistant teacher requires a superior level of salary, social status and financial guarantees.
The MOU's assistant teacher said that since 2014 we are asking for pay equity. December 23, 2007 December 23, 2013 Mustafizur Rahman, now Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, is present at the Dakshina Central Shaheed Minar. Teachers and teachers attended Dakshina Central Shaheed Minar. If teachers promise to stop paying wages, Stopped the strike. After the last election, the salary of the assistant teacher was made through a voice call proclaimed in the Awami League election declaration and a pre-election voice call to address gross discrimination. We want to fulfill that promise.

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