Saturday , May 15 2021

Closerico Furfure Real – Share Biz Before

Sports Desk: At the start of the season, Real Madrid's sexual changes were noticeable. However, the Classic Bernabeu Club has recently returned to rhythm. The team, keeping up with the trend, won 3-0 at Algiers on Thursday. Before El Clasico, the disciple of Santiago Solarii in Great Furfure.
Real 3-0 Goal and live defeat The group defeated La Liga's Espanyol and Copa del Rey by 3-1. In the end, tomorrow before Klasiko, you can say that the great Bernabeu Club can have confidence.
The realization of the future of Al Bernier by realism has pushed the camp from the beginning. The disciples of Solaris fighting for ball ownership saw Karim Benzema on the first net in 30 minutes. Vanishous Junior crossed the left-hander of Spanish defender Sereyo Regilen, and the ball jumped to the right of France A in front of the small ball box.
But in the first half, the second goal is to wait for Real to wait until the end of the game. Vignes Jr. wrapped the ball to the right side of the goal post with Marco Assensio and Vincenz Jr. giving the ball in the 80th minute. In addition, the last nail of Alvases' coffin was rejected earlier by Benzeman, Diaz. In the first leg of Alvar Field, the revenge rate is also applied at the Bernabeu Club.
The Al Lions lost 3 points to Larry Grat's table, which had 42 points in 22 games. Atletico Madrid scored 2 points in 44 points and Madrid 2 points. Barcelona placed 50 on the top of the table.

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