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Diaz's mother to the police


Mother Zayeda Amin Chowdhury fell on the floor to judge the murder of the boy. On Thursday, a sports association of the Association of Employees was held at Chittagong University. Prothom-alo file image.

• Diaz Irfan's mother has long been saddened by the earth.
• Mom went to the police.
• The mother complained, and the defendant was roaming publicly.

I was sick a few days late at the scene. The police went to the police station. She is Diaz Irfan's mother Zaheda Amin Chowdhury. Nazmul Karim Khan police and police officer in the Chittagong area met on Monday afternoon. Together with Mabu Burr Rahman, he said to take the alleged murderer.

Zaheda Amin Chowdhury is the first signal that the person indicted in the murder is roaming publicly. But he was not arrested. Meet with the police chief and the special police to report this problem. They were convinced. The director said the case was in the hands of CID. But he will do all kinds of cooperation. On the other hand, Nazmul Karim told the investigator of the case and the defendant said that it should follow the law.

Nazmul Karim Khan, Chief of the Chittagong District Police Department (CID), said, "The people charged in this case are very close to power, so we have to work very carefully, you can not misunderstand it. , I can not hand over the evidence to it, it would not be wise to bring someone who knows the power of the floating power.

City police officer. Mahbubur Rahman said, "The case is being investigated by the CID. In the presence of Zaheda Amin, the CID asked for a fair investigation.

Earlier, Jeddah Amin Chowdhury protested Wednesday at the Central Stadium in the college's third annual employee sports program. Jahida Amin is also a college employee. Later, he wants to get justice for the Creator. When he got sick, he got first aid at the medical center.

Zaida Amin has performed several times to demand a trial of his son's murder. On October 30 last year, the program was held on campus on charges of child murder. Previously, he became ill after the hunger strike from November 28, 2017 to December 1, 2017.

On November 20, 2016, the police recovered the body of Diaz Irfan Chowdhury, a student of the Central Student Training Center, in rental housing in two gates. Diaz's body is the first autopsy on November 21, 2016. Two days later, the police said the murder charge did not match the autopsy report. On November 24 of that year, Javeda Amin filed suit against defendant Alamgir Tipu, an Anwar Hossain Chowdhury former assistant to BCL's chapters and 10 others for alleged son's death. Later, on December 6 of the same year, the body was recovered from the grave and was ordered to die. According to the report, Diaz's death was found in evidence of murder.

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