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False engineer 3 marriage

Sohan Mahmud Alias ​​Shuvo Mridha Alias ​​Farooq. Introduce yourself as an engineer. But he could not cross the auxiliary boundary. Her drunk hands marries a beautiful little girl. In the last Rajshahi city, medical students were held in Lakshmipur. They married on February 22nd in the big city center. The second wife ran with the help of a 3-year-old boy from Dhaka. After this, amazing information about Shuvo tricks is known.

The house of the fake technician in marriage pagal is known to be located in Bakunda village of Singra upazila of Natore. Abdul Majid Bride Mridha is a bar farmer. However, the retired colonel began to call his father Shuvo. Shuva has married three of the dead so far.

Hafizur Rahman, director of the city's Rajpara Police, said, "Happy deceased. There is a diary in the police station.

In search, it is known that due to lack of education shortage in the father's house, Shuvo has not been studied. So he started his mobile recharging business at Singra Upazila Sadar in front of his livelihood needs. After that, he worked as a driver for a few days. Sooner or later engineers have been all night! He is also known to have identified himself as a close friend of the pastor.

Secondary education qualifications mentioned in the Voter Information Form are secondary. But he could not pass the paralysis.

Shuvu's second wife said in 2009 that Shuv Singra married a female driver in Madaripur Mahalla in a municipality. The path to the recruitment of municipal students is aimed at diploma engineering students in this area. In 2014, Shuvo began collecting students' cell phone numbers and starting a conversation. Keep the secret of marriage. On November 12 of that year, Schoebe married the girl and got married in court. After talking about her previous marriage, she divorced her first pregnant wife that day. The first wife to divorce Shuvar has a five-year-old child.

The second wife said she started her family after the first wife's divorce. He has a son. Nevertheless, Shuvo has a lot of relationships with girls. The last Rajshahi Medical student fell in love for the third time. However, after understanding the concept of deception, the student divorced Shuvo the same day after marriage.

He said last year that Shuvo worked at an institution in Dhaka. She was staying with her husband in Dhaka. Last November, Shuvo quit his job and stayed in Rajshahi. At that time, Rajshahi secretly trapped in the third wedding.

Suvor's third wife said she was a retired technician, demanding anonymity. The girl is in love. She accepted her decision because she grew up. Happily, his father is a retired colonel. But there is no relationship. Natore Sadar has been resolved. I thought the girl was a doctor and my son was an engineer. It will be fine. But it is all a lie. We did GD in his case.

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Meanwhile Shubor's father, Abdul Majid Mridha, told his son B.Sc Engineer. But admitting himself as an ordinary farmer, he said that all marriage was alone. No one told him about the third marriage.

Sohan Mahmoud Shuvo on mobile said that all three marriages are buying. But I can not understand why everyone is talking about a fake certificate.

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