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Fourth and Sixth, where did the neighborhood go?

Mushfiq is the only representative of the 4-6 national team. Photo: Prothom Alo The motivational process inspired by the slogan titles is where the locals lose four times, most of them foreigners, one of the Mushfiq, which is four to six, is a killer. Mushfiq is so lonely Sherpa – the first of the four peaks in this country. I want to keep the flag!

If you do not want to be there, the team will also have to survive. Mushfiq's cousin Vikings has spent the last four years. At least one thing has become clear. Six of the three surviving teams in BPL survived in the top five, with no one in the top 10 or top 15. In other words, an empty field for foreigners. The goal (the top of the sixes) has already been completed. Only numbers will increase in front of us. And native cricket fans will have to figure it out. Are you tolerated?

T-20 words. When you play 4-6 in your head. There is little room for bowlers in this version. One of the Twenty20 leagues in the world is an eternal word. At least the atmosphere of the game is more to the hitter. Problems may arise. How did the Bangladeshi hitters get in the way of the T20?

Please note the international T-20 issue. There is a big stage in the franchise league. The BPL season is being held in Bangladesh. Here, perhaps a new face can be seen in the uniforms of the country. But considering the T-20 mood, BPL has no potential talent. Discard potential talent, experienced people do not get water (read Q4)!

It is clear that the highest six lists in the BPL list are created. Before that, consider the status of franchise league in other countries. Young hitters are hit by a franchise league in the country, Dhundhuman. His best example is IPL or Big Bash. But BPL? In the international arena, no one else, such as Allegro 5 in the BPL list, can be placed, as well as one of the countries in that country. Mushfiqq Actually, where are the little ones?

Foreigners are not new to this franchise league. This breakthrough did not break even in the sixth place list. The first three of the lists are foreign Nicolas Furans (28 chakka), Riley Russo (24 Chakka) and Andre Russell (23 chakka). These three teams are Sylhet Sixers, Rangpur Riders and Dhaka Dynamite Player, respectively. 18 Mushfiq with 18 Eight Then, the nearest Sabbir Rahman of Mushfiqq among the regional bats, this Sixes Sixes of Sylhet Sixers was hit hard. These are the top ten in these two countries. Another top 15 – Junaid Siddique hitters scored 12 points in the Koola Taitans.

Regrettably, none of these three players have the chance to play BPL on BPL. Four of the last four of Mushfiq were missing. Sylhet and Khulna did not reach the last four. So whose flag is the country's flag? Tamim Iqbal Tamim from Comilla Victorian has 15 sixteen and twelve six in the same way as Junaid.

It was Kherokhata who threw the ball in the air. Banning the soil and the borders is to find a microscope! Mushfiqi is also the sixth of blind. Mostly 49 Rani Rousseau, Mushfiq, 36 years old, the second is 4 years old. No one is in the top five except Mushfiqq.

The top five to six of BPL:





Chhukkhan number

Nicholas Noder

Silt Sixth




Riley Russo

Langfur Ryder




Andre Russell

Dacar dynamite




Mushfiqur Rahim

Cheetah Ball Viking




Villiers in the EU

Langfur Ryder




Thesaurus Perera

Komira Victorianz



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