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How Christchurch survived the attack …- 747527 | Colakanto

During an attack on the Christchurch temple, a woman seemed like that. His identity has not been confirmed yet. Photo: Twitter

Afsana Akter Ritu was in this mosque when this attack was carried out at the Al Nur temple in Christchurch, New Zealand. House of Afsana in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh. A year ago, she married a foreigner from New Zealand from Bangladesh. Nine months ago he left New Zealand as New Zealand.

The house of Al Nur Mosque is just a minute away. In a media interview, Afsana Akter Ritu described a terrible attack. Since the mosque, Afsana had to go there every day to pray there. Three Bangladeshi women were present at the time of the incident.

He said. We were inside the mosque. Suddenly I got a word. We escaped from Gyeongju and escaped from Gyeongju. The gunmen did not come into the first room, and they went to the room first. We have three people in Bangladesh. They all run together. & # 39;

Afsana said, "My house is next to a mosque. It takes a few minutes to get home. When we heard the shots we ran towards the house. But I will keep the keys of the house. The shoes are in the Eagla Mosque. I fled to save my life. & # 39;

People were stunned by New Zealand's attacks. One of the three Afusanas with a common offering outside the Wellington Mosque was shot on the bridge. Later, he took him to an ambulance and went to the hospital.

Afsana said he did not see anyone he shot. & # 39; We did not look back. & # 39;

After this incident, Afsana is now surprised. However, the experience of the past nine months in New Zealand was completely different. "In Bangladesh, I knew that New Zealand was one of the most peaceful nations in the world, much safer, so far no problems, but now I'm scared.

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