Sunday , April 18 2021

I do not understand the feelings of emotion, drama (video) …- 704080 | Colakanto

Sheikh Sadi, a young musician of popular music on Facebook – YouTube does not have anyone else's songs, and is always singing and singing on other video sharing sites.

This young man's debut was officially done by the CMV's flag. Sheikh Saadir's song video & # 39; Lalna & # 39; was released on the YouTube channel on November 15th at 3 PM.

As always, Sadi himself gave a song. Shahriar Rafat composed this song under the overall supervision of Mehedi Hasan Limon. Produced music videos are expensive. It has been modeled on the beach razor model Sheikh Sheikh. It's not like Maria Maria with him.

The lyrics are quite new, and I do not understand my mind and understand the feelings in the forest. I am not playing with passion.

Sheikh Sadi said on the official tour of music, "It's a privilege to think like this on an organization like CMV, I did not expect that music videos would be made and released on such a fast platform. I want to do a good thing for the blessing of people. I hope everyone can be attracted by watching the music video.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Saadi, producer of SK Sahed Ali Pappu, said, "Sadi is as smarter as the voice of the voice." The voice of the voice is as big as the voice, it has a lot of potential, it needs a complete platform. I hope to be able to do anything because there are so many things to give to Bengal music, good luck for him.

Video of "Lalna" song:

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