Thursday , March 30 2023

Journalist Hanstaya sued Shakib Khan.


Shakib Khan Shooting Shahhen Shah set up a film shooting case, the protagonist of the assault shocked director Shamim Ahmed ranira a reporter samitigulote charge on the attack on the movie.

On Monday (November 10th), entertainment journalists Zia Uddin Alam and Sudipta Saeed Khan wrote to the Bangladesh Film Directors' Association and Bangladesh Film Artisan Samiti. Another letter was sent to the Bangladesh Film and Television Press Association (Bachasas) earlier this afternoon, the two reporters told the Banglere Tribune.
The journalists Moinul Haque Rose, Mazhar Babu, Tushar Aditya, Rahat Saiful, Limon Ahmed, Kamrul Islam Rifat, Rajan, AH Murad, Fatima Kausar, Sushil Roy, Arnani Shahid, Masum Awal and Ahmed Zaman Shimul were in BFD's office. Mizan and many others.
According to the statement, Shahsan Shah shooting occurred at BFDC on Thursday, November 8. In the afternoon, with Shakib Khan, actor CIDAB (Cine Dynaldical Association of Bangladesh), their fighting goes to a level of blowing. After taking photographs and videos because of professional responsibilities, the people of the unit were blocked by reporters. And Shakib Khan met with media reporters of Media Bhuiyan Zia Uddin Alam and Sudipta Saeed Khan on He continued to abuse other journalists in obscene language. Shakib Khan is physically assaulted and disgraceful.

At one stage in the accident, Shakib Khan took away his cell phone and removed photos, video footage and other important files from his mobile. He was assisted by Shamim Ahmed Rony, producer Liton Hashmi and assistant director Puja. In addition to interfering with the profession, Shakib Khan tried to remove the other's incident by making false statements after the incident.
Journalists say that such a behavior by popular stars like Shakib Khan was shocking.

After being accused, President Abdul Rahman Vachasas said, "We will decide to attend the meeting on Sunday."

Bangladesh Secretary General Badiul Alam Khokan and Secretary General Ziaed Khan received two other letters.
On the other hand, when evening correspondent Shakib Khan and correspondent Bengali Tribune met FDC, he said he could not talk about it.

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