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Katrina has decided to set up saris.

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Katrina has decided to set up saris.

On Friday, Salman Khan appeared on the new song "Bharat". At that time Katrina Kaif, who was with Sallu, attended. But at the singing event, Katrina's kutchi ship was upside down. Salman was busy trying to fix it while watching the show. Many people were surprised to see it. This scene is camera camping.

According to the news of the Times, Salman Katrina was once studying Salman's love. But once the news broke their relationship came to the title of the entertainment page. Sometimes Katrina's love with Ranbir Kapoor is known to almost everyone. Relationship with Ranbir was also bitter to love Katrina. Since the dismantling of the Ranbir and the cat, Salman and his family have almost always seen actors these days. But no one publicly spoke of Salman-Katrina coming closer.

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In fact, the song & # 39; India & # 39; Zinda & # 39; was released on Friday. I've already captured the hearts of filmmakers.


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