Wednesday , June 7 2023

Kolkata's artists will remember Ayub Bachchu.


The Kolkata concert celebrates Ayub Bachchu on November 24th.

Artists in Kolkata have taken the initiative to remember the songs of Ayub Bachchu, the late legendary artist and LRB founder. This concert with Ayub Bacchu will be held in Kolkata on November 24th.

Ayub Bacchu was very famous in Bangladesh and Kolkata. Almost every year he was invited to sing. He used to go to the team. Ayub Bachchu, the news reached people of Calcutta as well as people touching the sides. & # 39; Cafe Kabira & # 39; recites Ayub Bacchu to sing on the 24th of July at Patuli Mela in Kolkata.

Events have already been held in social media to organize song concerts with Ayub Bachchu. & # 39; Ayub Bachchu. He suddenly disappeared in the morning of Seyoli and suddenly disappeared. In his memory, two Bengal rockets will be held on November 24th. Anindya Basu, Soumitra Roy, Bulda, Bapi Da (Brahmina Horse), Brahmakshapa and Jakov Dias (Ayub Bacchu's first guitarist).

In addition to the listed artists, you can see that this concert can be added to more popular artists. The concert starts at 3 o'clock. It will be open until 9:00.

On October 18, Rickster Ayub Bachchu died suddenly. He was the leader of the popular band "LRB". He was one of the singer, guitarist, lyricist, musician and music director.

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