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Mahmudullah survived 5 minutes because of Bangladesh!

Mamu Dura Riyadh

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The team players went to the Al Nur mosque next to the Hagli Oval Stadium for a holy Zuma prayer after practice. According to the preliminary schedule, cricket players in Bangladesh set local time at the mosque at 1:30 pm.

However, Mahmudiya Riyadh spent five to six more minutes at the press conference the day before the match. And this 5 minutes saved the entire team in Bangladesh. Maybe 5 minutes before the press conference, maybe at the mosque.

However, due to the longer press conference, it took about 1 to 40 minutes to get to the mosque. Tamim, Mushfiqik, Taizul, Mirajara survived this. Mushfiq – Tamim is delayed beyond the scheduled time and rushes quickly from the bus to the mosque. A woman injured in a car stuck to a bus next to the bus. He forbids Mushfiq-Tamim from going forward.

She said there was a terrorist attack in the mosque and many people were surrounded by bullets. In such bad news, the cricket players took the team bus but did not see security personnel or locals in New Zealand there.

So everyone came back from the bus through Hagley Park in the intellectual park. Bangladeshi players survive.

After a short stay in the locker room of the stadium, everyone went to the team hotel. There was a team coaching staff there.

With a description of such a terrible incident, Tamim Iqbal has already told the Twitter account: "The whole team has avoided being fired, a terrible experience, everyone will pray for us.

Mushfiqur Rahim, one of the most reliable hitters in Bangladesh, said in his tweet, "Alhamdulillah! God has saved us from Christchurch's attack, we are much more lucky, we do not want to face such a case. Please & # 39;

Such cowards do not have religion or ethnicity: Azhar Ali

Azhar Ali, a former spokesman for the Pakistani national cricket team, has been widely criticized and protested in the New Zealand mosque.

In the tweet message, he said that blood was coming out of my mind as a result of the family's attack on the family. Players and intellectuals were also attacked here. Still, I am relieved to hear that the Bangladesh team is safe. Such cowards have no religion or country.

The national team's New Zealand cricket player has endured a fatal attack at the Christchurch Temple in New Zealand. Bangladeshi cricket players tried to get a perfect zuma in this mosque. When you hear the bullets inside the mosque, cricket players leave the box immediately.

Bangladeshi cricket players are passing through the park safely after the Christchurch temple attack in New Zealand. During this time, no one saw the police officer.

49 people were killed in a series of murders in a mosque. A terrible attack raises a storm of protest and protest all over the world.

Cricket players from other countries are protesting in several ways through the medium of social media.

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