Wednesday , June 7 2023

Mehran with Shankar-Ehsan-Lai …- 705206 | Colakanto


Mehrun will sing with Indian popular music director Shankar-Ehsan-Lai. Sankar-Ehsan-Loy sang at the Dwali concert at the Bang Bangdhu International Conference Center on November 16th. They signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Bangladeshi singer. Under the agreement, Mehrani will announce his song at the first count. There will be a recording before that. Mehrine said, "I have been interested in working with musical directors for a long time, first of all Ayub Bachchu's brother, I am a woman. I am a fan of Shanka-Lee-san-Ray. I was already familiar with the interview, and then the communication started in Shankar and Loy.A lot of the time they listened to my song.The source of the song with them was final.That's a great feeling of love to me. He also said he would like to present the song in video format.

Project Advisor to the Indian High Commissioner Talk to them and finish the rest of the matter.

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