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Musharraf Karim's Bangaish Television & # 39;

Popular actor Mosharraf
Karim has produced this series in Kochi Khandaker production. From March 16th
Viewers can watch the play.

With theatrical productions
Mosharraf Karim has played a number of roles.

He told Glitz.
"There are many types of TV in the world, including sports, news, cooking, adventure, and travel.
Like one of the other televised televisions, the main purpose is to create a clear entertainment.
Win through people's hearts. The slogan of this television is a bit strange. There are no cracks or cracks. Basically
With this tag line, the television will move forward. "

Creator Kochi Khandaker
"The owner of this TV, Abul Kashem, is a wealthy businessman. He is one of the two creators.
Added to his television as co-director. They are creative directors and this is television.
This TV related to ownership includes CEO, program director, marketing director,
Many programmers, including programmers, are involved. How to name a television bongai
This is the original story from here. "

In a starlike drama
Various roles – Jenny, Robna Reza Jasmine, Jannatul Sumaiya Himi, Emila,
Rifat Jahan, Mamunur Rashid, Abul Hayat, Rahmat Ali, Faruq Ahmed, Shahiduzzaman Selim,
Saju Khadem, Tariq Swapan, Musafir Syed Bachchu and Rifat Chowdhury.

& # 39; Half-TV & # 39;
No Marjuk Russell Palash Noor has a voice.

From March 16th
The drama will be broadcasted on the citizens' screens at 9 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

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