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He has spent two or two centuries as the hitter of the world's first bidder. Mushfiq yesterday after two centuries in Mirpur – AFP

Bangladesh has another golden period of test cricket. In the last four tests, the batter gave a lot of anxiety. RANGING RUNS RING Ring Run Mushfiqur Rahim tried to hit the batting day with his batting lineup. During the second two centuries of publishing his only student book in First Class (History) in Bangladesh, he began to turn around.

Mushfiq had two double centuries in yesterday's game, the first hitter in Bangladesh. Shaquille Al Hassan (217) was the highest scorer in 219 innings and recorded the highest individual score in national history. Mushfiq is the only player at the top of the game, not just running, ball games, but also wickets. In 589 minutes, 421 balls saw a unique innings.

The world record crossed the boundaries of the country. In the 141-year history of the test, the first keeper-batsman with two double hundreds is now Bangladesh now. This is a second century batter for Zimbabwe. Mushfiqur, the world's best batter, could not have been a member of the top personal innings in Mirpur's tests. Pakistan's Azhar Ali scored a maximum of 226 points in the match. If the team management of Bangladesh is known, perhaps this record can be displayed next to a 31 year old cricket player tomorrow.

Mushfiq is playing in Mirpur on Sunday, scoring in Bangladesh. Under pressure to crush Zimbabwe? This host, which resumes at 303 for 5 days, added 218 runs for the loss of two more wickets yesterday. Bangladesh took a break from Mirpur and declared 522 times the first publicity in seven turnstiles. Captain Hamilton Masaka Zaza (14) won 25 Zimbabweans last year. Bryan Chari is unbeaten in 3 at-bats. On the second day of the game, 497 tourists are still lagging behind.

Bangladesh's substitute selection surrounded Mushipi's bat. Eventually, the hosts caught the driver in the game. Mahmudullah was able to spend the morning with Mushfiqq after yesterday's unstable bets.

Mushfiq was caught in a prudent batting in the form of patience. He scored 36 points in the first hour and scored 34 points in the first game. Immediately after lunch, Captain Mahmudullah, who scored 36 points, returned to the ticket gate to give Jervis. Jarvis's fifth victim is Ariful (4).

However, a certain Mushfiq wall remained on one side. As a guardian, the team's driving car attracted it. He was inconsistent in simulating imitation for young people. The batter hurts after eating lunch and this batter is right.

144 undefeated contracts were signed through the eighth witness partnership with Mehdi Hasan Miraj. In the second half of the century, right-hand Miraj (Miraj) was adopted.

15 minutes after the break of the car, Mushfiq touched an outstanding two-century milestone in 407 years. Bambhabhanga celebration celebration afternoon. Untouched 219 runs with 18 4 and 1 6 numbers. The picture of Mushfiq's control on batting shows clearly 99 singles in Zimbabwe's disappointment. Miraj scored the unbeaten 68 points. After Mushfiq Shakib finished bowling, Mahmudullah announced the inning. In Zimbabwe, Jarvis took 71 wickets, hat-tricks, and wickets on five wickets.

In the dressing room, Mushfiq received a lot of congratulations on his cell phone. Shakib Al Hasan was also on the message list. Dependable & # 39; writes yesterday due to the highest score injury in the Shakib outskirts.

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