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My father's dream party at the heaviest belligerent

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So Shariful's father, Bagmara Pilot High School teacher Abdul Hakim, dreams of his eldest son will be a government administrator (BCS cadre). Like his father, Shariful had the same dream. While studying at the university, Shariful was out of the goal of life. In related militant activities. He was involved in an attack on Holi Artisan Bakeri in Gulshan in 2016.
Earlier, law enforcement agencies obtained Shariful information about the murder of Professor Rezaul Karim, a teacher at Rajshahi University. A young person accused of murdering a teacher

The RAB arrested Shariful, 27, on Nachole-Mahipur Road in Nachole upazila, Chapainawabganj, on Friday. RAB said Shariful Islam Navy JMB is a top-level leader. In the armed groups, only Shari Fulk Khalid, Lahat, Nahid, Abu Suleiman were known. He was taken to Dhaka in the capital on the arrested Saturday morning.

RAB media director Mukhtar Mahmud Khan said this morning in a press briefing. In a briefing organized by the RAB Media Division of Karwan Bazar in the capital, Shariful Islam was born in the Bagmara area of ​​the Rajshahi area in 1991. Village home in Sreepur farmpara In 2008, SSC at Rajshahi Bagmara Pilot High School and HSC at Rajshahi Government College were passed in 2010. In the SSC and HSC tests there was a plus in the science department. He enrolled at Rajshahi University in the 2010-2011 school year.

Mufti Mahmud Khan said that Sharif had been involved in combat activities through a young man named Ahsan Habib Sobhan in December 2013, who said that Shariful Islam participated in aggressive activities during the third year of honor. At first I was involved in an extremist group of classmates studying at an institution based in Rajshahi. Members of this group were used to promote the doctrine of online extremists. Shariful then confirmed with one of the top armed leaders, Tamim Chowdhury.

Mufti Mahmud Khan said Sharif played a special role in merging Tamim Chowdhury with JMB Amir Sarwar Jahan. At the meeting of Sharif Jahan, Tamim, Saddam, Marjan and Shakib Master, 2015 armed leader Mamunur Rashid-Ripon at the meeting of Bogra Shariful Shariful Shariful was then arrested in the JMB Media section.

Shariful is one of the leaders of Gulshan Holi Artisan attack. In addition to planning for the Holi Artisan armed attack, a briefing was given that directly funded his special role in the collection, training and offensive elections.

Mufti Mahmud Khan said some of the top fighters, including Sarwar Jahan, Tammim, Shariful and others, were in Saghata dormitory in the Gaibandha area at the end of February 2016 as part of the attack plan. In the same year, Sharif attended several meetings in Dhaka. Prior to the attack on Holi Artisan, Shariful abducted Professor Rezaul Karim, a teacher at Rajshahi University on April 23, 2016. Meanwhile, Ripon, another alias of Mamunur Rashid, leader of the armed forces, joined him. When they were hiding, they had a total of 39 lakhs. This means that Holi is used to attack the craftsman.

It's as sharp as he killed professor Les Karel.
Shariful admitted that after his arrest, his associate professor, Rezaul Karim, was involved in the murder. RAB director Mufti Mahmud Khan said he plans to kill Professor Rezaul Karim according to the organization's decision. As part of the plan, various informational data such as monitoring and location and address, phone number and location of the racks were monitored by local militant organizations.
Ripon Ali alias (Ripon Ali alias) Rocky, a college student at Rajshahi University, gave Shariful to Routine mobile camera English language student at Rajshahi University. Osman Milu and Maskawat alias Abdullah have collected used motorcycles used for murder. Then Rezaul Karim was murdered under the leadership of Shariful. After the murder, Hasan alias Bike Hasan ran a motorcycle and went with the blinds going to the detour along with Shariful and Khairul Islamic alias Paleel. Khairul Islam has been removed from there. Khairul Islam Chapati, take a bloody cloth bag. Bike Hasan and Shariful Taherpur woke up at the bicycle Hassan's house in Natore. The next day Shariful went to Dhaka. A few days later in Dhaka, the young man went to an unknown place at the order of the young Amir. After hiding in October of '07, he again organized shelter militants. Recently, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested Mamunur Rashid, an accused prosecutor in the Artisan case. After that, Shariful repeatedly changed his status and was later found to be hiding in Chapainawabganj.

Sharif broke up with his family for four years.

Among the two sons of Bagmara Pilot High School teacher Abdul Hakim is the main Shariful Islam. Shariful spoke to his family and said that while studying as a high school student, Rajshahi was living in a mess. At this time, there was a change in Shariful. During my first years in college I came into contact with my family. But Sharipur went home. He has stopped communicating with his family since 2015. On May 23, Sharif talked with Abdul Hakim 's father on his cell phone. Four years later Sharif's father, Abdul Hakim, said there was no interaction with the boy or cell phone. Looking for his son July 4, 2010 I wrote a diary at Bagmara Police Station.
Abdul Hakim learned of his son's arrest through various law enforcement officers. This morning, Abdul Hakim, in his first signal, must be punished if his son is involved in a terrorist attack or teacher instigation. I wanted to educate and administer my children. I did not think I would lose my dream. "


The verdict of Dr. Rezaul's death is that the main defendants are closed today.

Decision and training in preparation for four months in Gaibandha

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