Monday , September 26 2022

Rajshahi waiting for the title of national cricket league


Sports Reporter Today the final day of the National Cricket League (NCL) 20th edition Rajshahi department celebrates the trophy today. If there is no calamity, Rajshahi can do it with eight wickets with 102 runs against Barisal. After that, the trophy festival will be held. In the first stage, Rajshahi is waiting for the trophy festival, and the second stage is waiting for the Dhaka Division to come out of the first stage.

First level. In Rajshahi, Rajshahi hosts Rajshahi Dapat. Barisal recorded 97 runs in the first inning. Rajshahi then made 160 runs during the first innings. Still at Rajshahi, he is 63 in the first inning. But in the second inning, Barisal put pressure on Rajshahi. He scored 346 points. To win Rajshahi, the 284 target is still standing. Rajshahi recorded 182 runs for the loss of two wickets before the third day. Junaid Siddiqui 65 and Jahurul Islam are undefeated in 25 goals. Earlier, the second day ended with 246 runs in Barisal after losing 6 wickets. Shamsul Islam 4 and Tanvir Islam started on the third day and scored five goals. Barisal added another 100 points at the fourth wicket. Shamsul 56 and Tanvir 32 are playing. Today, on the fourth day, Rajshahi needed 102 runs to win. When Barisal wins, Rajshahi will take 8 wickets. Rangpur is hoping to get rid of the Rajshahi title. But if the team can stand up against Bogra's Khulna, fear is good. Kool My second inning is not over yet. 204 is returned. In the first inning, Coolnauga scored 261 points. In reply, Rangpur declared an inning by losing 8 innings with 249 runs. To get points, they announced an innings. If Coulna could get the ball out of the second inning, they would have won the game. But cool I played cool in two innings. Rangpur's frustration is getting more and more. In the second inning, Coolen scored 192 points on six wickets on the third day. Soumya government 83 and Nurul Hasan Sohan 52 runs Today, the fourth day of the match, Ziaur Rahman (17 *) and Mainul Islam (6 *) will come to the bat. Previously, Rangpur's second innings ended with a loss of 126 runs. On the third day, he added 123 points and declared the selection. Dhiman Ghosh scored an unbeaten 50 goal. Abdur Razzak used four wickets. In order to win Lang Pour in this game you have to go cool as soon as possible. Then you have to cross the target.

Step 2. Cox's Bazar also shook the Sylhet department in Dhaka. Dhaka takes advantage of the opportunity to upgrade from the second level to the first level. Sylette still scored six goals. Silhert closed his first inning with 238 runs in two innings. In the first inning, Dhaka scored 346 points with Sylhet. If the six wickets in the hands of Sylhet are removed, the Dhaka Division can also win the match. On the second day, Daka lost 4 wickets with 236 goals. Abdul Majid was undefeated by 104 points and Nadif Chowdhury scored seven. Majid could not proceed further on the third day. Nadif finished 28 days. However, Mosharraf Hossain Rubel got 50 points and Dhaka added 110 points on the second day. Sylhet Enamul Haque Junior used five wickets. Then the silt strikes a bat. Rajin Saleh (40 points) and Anamul Haque (2 goals on the fourth) will win the bat. Rajin ran the most innings in domestic cricket. At this level, Dhaka Metro scored 328 points in the first inning. In response, Chittagong scored 345 points. In the second inning, Takametro scored 96 points at three wickets before the end of the third day. Taka Metro has scored 79 goals. However, Chittagong bowling players are likely to get a Chittagong if they quickly turn the Dhaka subway. There is also a chance to lose a cheetah. But what is the opportunity to get Dhaka Metro? Chittagong scored 196 points in three wickets on the second day. Sadiqur Rahman scored 100 points. On the third day Sadiqur scored another. On the second day, Yassir Ali scored 64 points, while Naim Hassan did not score 43. So the Cheetah scored 345 points. Then I got the name of the Daka subway bat. Shamsur Rahman, who scored 37 points on the fourth and final day, will score seven goals against Mohammad Ashraful.

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