Wednesday , September 28 2022

Samsung Electronics unveils foldable smartphone


Over the years, Samsung has announced a long-awaited bold folding display smartphone prototype. The new device was on display at the annual developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. News Reuters

At the same time, Samsung introduced One UI, a new UI for the company. The new user interface is useful for using your smartphone in one hand. The company will design the first smartphone. Until then, I have not seen any Samsung mobile phone displays. However, Samsung has announced three new nail displays at this meeting.

Samsung's new smartphone was part of a developer conference in California. Samsung is working with Google to create this smartphone.

Samsung has not disclosed details about the functions of the folding smartphone. The company said the collapsible smartphone would look like a book while folded. The unit uses the Infinity Flex Display. When the fold is open, the device will be 7 inches wide. The display resolution of the device is 1536-2152 pixels. At the fold, however, customers can see the 4.7-inch display on the outside. This resolution is 1960-840 pixels.

Because the glass is not folded, Samsung has created a new material for use in this display. The company has also used this new strong substance, such as glass, for new grandsons.

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