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Shanu's debut on the big screen with Khizir


A press conference was held on Monday (November 12) in Gulshan capital to commemorate the release of the film. Director Abu Akterul Iman, hero and producer Khizir Hayat Khan, actor Shamu Shanu, actors Shamim Hasan Sarkar, Shahriar Sajib, Adib and producer-distributor Abdul Aziz.

Khizir Hayat Khan, famous producer of "Jago" & # 39; has already made his big screen debut in the movie "Aasthitabhaar" & # 39; My Country & # 39; He will come back to the big screen.

Khizir said, "We created a film with a challenge, and the story of Bangladesh was portrayed as protesting battles and terrorism. In the film, the audience sees me acting in the action scene.

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In 2005, Lux-Channel i Superstar winner Shanee will debut on actress Shanu's big screen. Star showed excitement about the movie. While expressing his emotions, he said that perhaps as the first film, I should have started to think more about my work. But I could not hear the story of Bangladesh. This is because it is a film about social responsibility. It's an action movie, but the crowd will see me in a romantic scene.

"We have been trying to provide viewers with a perfect entertainment movie in a story about fighters and anti-terrorism," he said. I believe Mr. Bangladesh will be commercially successful. Visitors will also like.

So far, 28 theaters in & # 39; Bangladesh & # 39; have been publicly approved. However, the manufacturer said this number could increase. The story and script of this film was co-written by Khizir Hayat Khan and Hasnat Pius. Tiger Ravi, Shahriar Sajib, Shamim Hassan Sarker, and Merian also appeared on films produced on the KHK Productions banner.

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