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Shoaib went to CISA before playing in India.

Shoaib Malik denied accusations of spending time at Sisa Bar the night before the game. Image of AFP file

Yesterday the news was rejected by Shoaib Malik, who spent time with his family and teammates on the night before India, but Malik claimed that the Pakistani media is spreading false information. On Twitter, Shiaanv's wife, Sania Mirza, joined the tweets.

Defeat against India is plundering one group! Former cricketers have been criticized by Sarfaraz for the team. The split of the party also sparked Pakistani media. Yesterday, according to reports the night before the match with India, Sia Bar opened the mouth of Shoaib Malik one day. Pakistani media have spread false information.

Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim and Wahab Riaz were seen in the lead bar on the night before the fight against India on June 16. With Shoaib's wife, Sania Mirza and her son, before the night game, some of the team members saw the bar and watched the people there. Since the tragic loss in India, the video has spread to various Pakistani media. Shoaib Malik has been criticized since then.

However, the opinions of the owner and the misinformation of the media are spreading. On the night before June 15th, he went to the bar on June 13th. In order to disseminate the wrong information, the Pakistani master took hold of 287 ODIs for Pakistan. Malik said in a tweet made from his twitter account: "When the court is responsible for the credibility of the media in Pakistan! It's a sad thing to explain your personal life after 20 years of national life in international cricket. This video is not June 15 but June 13.

The owner of this player who scored eight points in the twelve minutes after another twitter owner World Cup three games urged the players not to blame the players "to ask the press and the general public to maintain our family respect" . They do not have to deliberately drag everything. It can not be a good thing. & # 39;

Meanwhile, after the video was released, Pakistani actress Veena Malik tied up with tennis star and Shiaib's wife, Sania Mirza. Veena tells Sania, "I am very worried about the child. I took the baby to the cage. Does it work? Besides, as far as I know, outdoor eating habits are harmful to athletes and children. You know that as a mother and an athlete, do not you?

Sania responded to Veena Malik's tweets. At the coming tweets, Sania said, "Harp, I did not take my child to the CISA bar, it's not related to anyone in the world, I think, I do not care more about my child than anyone else. , I am not a nutritionist in the Pakistan cricket team nor is it their mother, teacher or principal. "

Pakistan can not fill the hearts of fans and fans in the field. See how the team manages the management of Pakistani team management and how discussions are going on.

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