Sunday , April 18 2021

Sourav's New Song for Sports News Man

A new specialist called "Expert" calls the sports news and presenter Sourav Imam. Famous musician Nafis Iqbal, music by two Bengalis pop music personality, Gueer Gopal sings. The song was uploaded to Saurav Imam's own YouTube channel. In addition, songs have been uploaded to Facebook pages.

Meanwhile, this song was highly appreciated by music lovers. I like singing because I shoot in many singer and countryside environments.

The song has been taken in the town of Narayanganj on Sonargaon River Meghna Bank. Enamet Hossain, the bright star of badminton in Bangladesh, was a model of genius in a storytelling song. Through this song, national champion Enayet performed for the first time in a music video. These two popular characters Humayun Kabheri and ATN Music's Producer Jolly Chief are two important characters.

Sourav Imam in the context of the song, I played a good song. I hope that the audience will enjoy it. He said he would call for more signs in the future. Besides, he said he would sing a song called teenager. Last year, Sourav's song was praised as the title of Bengal Tiger. Songs are broadcast on multiple channels. Currently, Saurabh Imam is involved in presentation and event management with Ekushey Television Journalism.

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