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Sri Lanka claims at World Cup

Sri Lanka claims at World Cup

Dimuth Karunaratne will lead Sri Lanka to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. A skilled cricket player has not played cricket for the past four years, but he is responsible for his shoulders.

Four years ago, Captain of the World Cup!

Dimit Karunaratne, the top defender of the Sri Lankan national team, has recently successfully led the test team. Sri Lanka dominated the host country 2-0 under leadership in South Africa. The national cricket team only played 60 games, 17 games, and the T-20 did not.

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The Sri Lankan cricket committee could not place enough trust in the benevolent crickets in limited crickets. But that scene all began to change. Team captain Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC) is calling on Karunaratne's one-day team!

Sri Lanka still did not announce the World Cup team. But the captain announced that the team's presentation was far ahead of the selector. Due to the discussion, Karunaratna's good time is back. He kidnapped several days before the accident. Now he will lead the World Cup team.

SLC, Wednesday (April 17) Called Captain Karunaratne The India Cricket Management Board was in charge of leading the team at Karunaratne.

There is no question about the ability of a 30 year old cricket player. But Canoe Nara played the last international game in the cricket match at the last World Cup. The game against England in the 2015 World Cup was his last day's career. Who did not join the ODI team once during the four years, whether or not they were team leaders in the World Cup?

When the captain chooses to pick up the team, you have to think about the selection of the selector. Since most teams are not in the form of formalism, they are struggling to choose the best XI.

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