Thursday , February 2 2023

The gas crisis will not be cut shortly.


There is no gas at 6 am. Cooking in an alternative system At 12 pm yesterday, in the Gendaria Market Road area of ​​Dhaka. Image: Prothom-alo

* LNG supply has been discontinued due to technical difficulties.
* The gas crisis has increased in several places over three days.
You can tell when the crisis will end after you start work today.

Due to technical difficulties, liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplied at Moheshkhali's Flow Terminal (FSRU) was delayed after 3 days. During this period, all categories of customers, including Dhaka, Chittagong and other customers, have faced the gas crisis. Today experts will begin to show and fix errors on Wednesday.

According to Petrobangla sources, there is no specialist in Accelerate Energy, an LNG project contractor in Bangladesh that can recover from this error. For this purpose, I needed the help of people working at Macheshal Harley to establish a floating terminal for the summit floating terminal. On Tuesday and Tuesday, the Summit has been approved. After you start working today, you can see how long it will take to recover from the error. However, the gas crisis will not be cut shortly.

According to sources from Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution, the supply of gas from Dhaka was only 50 million cubic feet before the LNG supply was stopped. Over the past three days the deficit has reached about 75 million cubic feet. Dhaka's gas demand is about 210 million cubic feet. Typically, the quota is 160 million cubic feet. After the LNG supply is shut down, the Titas system is gaining less than 20 million cubic feet of gas.

Gas related problems are increasing in Takashi for three days. Yesterday there was a severe gas crisis in Dhaka and other parts of Mohammadpur, Shyamoli, Adabar, Kalyanpur, Tolarbagh, Rampura and Kotwali, Sutrapur and Gandaria in other parts of the capital. Residential customers in the region are now getting gas at night. It is not normal pressure in all areas. The gas came in late at night and went in the morning at seven. Gas can not be used all day. This hinders the daily living conditions of urban residents. Buy valuable things to buy food outside. Some are cooking in alternative systems.

Petrobangla LNG cell sources said the pipeline gas supply to the hydraulic valves between the floating terminal and the submarine pipeline was stopped on Saturday evening. The crisis has increased because of the reduction of 30 million cubic feet of gas supply in the country grid. The hydraulic valve is installed in a 40 meter water level pipeline.

From August 18, 30 million cubic feet of gas were supplied to the Chittagong region through floating terminals. As a result, the gas supply of the country's gas field (about 270 million cubic feet per day) was supplied to other regions without reducing the gas deficit compared to demand. At present, gas supply has been supplied to Chittagong from the national grid by discontinuing LNG supply. So the gas deficit has decreased and has increased again.

The government began importing LNG in 2010. Finally, on April 24, the LNG Transformation and Refueling Terminal (FSRU) will be provided to Maheshkhali this year. However, due to the special connection between the terminal and the sea level pipeline, the gas supply could not be started before 18 August. The supply of LNG was stopped within two and a half months of the delayed start.

Petrobangla sources said the current gas demand for the country is about 350 million cubic feet. Approximately 300 million cubic feet were supplied after LNG supply. Now it is 270cc cubic feet back.

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