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The Mashrafe brothers said, you are Parabi: Mosaddek –

When Mosaddek reached the wicket, Bangladesh needed 67 runs in 50 overs. This is not difficult at this time of cricket. However, five wickets have collapsed. The risk of another ticket gate could be called a team's risk. Mahmudullah and Mosaddek, both of these wickets were the last pair of recognized bats. All the bowling athletes were waiting for a strike.

But no one needed it. Mosaddek had 52 tremendous innings in 24 balls with seven balls. Bangladesh, West Indies win the championship

Mashrafe paused Mashrafe again after the team got it. Before the team returned to the hotel, Mosaddek told about his motives from the captain.

"Before going to the ticket gate, Mashrafe said," You have a beach, and you get what you want, eventually you get the money. "Not only that time, but during bowling time in the previous game, They encouraged me in many ways. Then I got off the team. He said there was something he could do to get back on the team. Confidence is always good when the captain believes so. "

"After the strike, what I did was to do a positive cricket game, it was not easy, I tried to understand the ball, nothing else."

Only then or after that inspiration is going on in the game. Especially when Duckworth-Lewis determined the goal for Bangladesh, all the elderly over 24 years of age got the courage in the locker room, Mosaedek said.

"When we returned to the scene, Mashraffi's brother, Tamim Brother Riyad Bhai, was talking about the ability of us to hit and the ability to play in the entire tournament.

I was able to do that after Mosaddek's celebration. But when I touched a little before FIFT won, the celebration was a spectacular sight. 50 out of 20 became the fastest day in Bangladesh at 50. After that, he jumped a lot in the locker room, kissed him in the air, and threw his hand into the air.

After the celebration, Marcia Deck was a little embarrassed at the end of the game. Laughing laughing, why did you say there are so many obstacles?

"The celebration was mine, not for anyone else, and many times you have your own expectations, and when it is filled, many things come from inside."

With his feelings, Mosaddek's besttaku came back. When there was a big need, the bat of the Marsh deck smiled and the team laughed at the smiling head.

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