Monday , February 6 2023

Two teenagers, including a foreign handgun, arrested in Rajshahi | Nationwide


Two juveniles, including a foreign handgun, were arrested in Rajshahi.

The Rajshahi metropolitan police detective police arrested two young men, including a foreign handgun, one bullet and a magazine. On Monday evening, they were arrested in the northern Mohis Bastan district of the city.

The arrestees are Minhaj (21), the son of Shahidul Islam, and Johnny (20), son of Anwar of Shishapara in Karnahar rather than Sufyan of Rajpara Police Station. Their arms were handed over to the Rajpara police station and the case was filed.

RMP spokesman and Ifte Khayer Alam said that the defendant filed a lawsuit under the Arms Act of Rajpara Police. They have been involved in the arms business for a long time.

Ittefaq / Ubie

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