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What is Lamu Tunnel?


Ramu's ancient tunnels face from the Bazar of Cox. The Prothom-alo

• The length of the tunnel is 3 feet 30 feet.
• Walk 70 feet
• There is a crawl later.
• There is a big salon.

According to local people, the length of the tunnel is 3 feet 30 feet. Walking is 70 feet. Then there is the crawl. There is a big salon. There are four tunnels again. There are many paintings on the wall. There are many unknown mysteries about the strange tunnels of Ukhighana Hill in the Kawarkhokh union of Cox 'Ramu upazila of Bazar.

Locals know the tunnels, the Khan Raja Tunnel & # 39; or & # 39; Darkness & # 39 ;. Because it shines like Manik, it is named for the dark darkness of the tunnel entrance.

In 1990, local governments History of Cox Bazaar There is a description of this tunnel in the body. The King of Kanga of the Magh community (a blind man) ruled the area and built a tunnel for self defense. But when the king ruled this country, there was no information.

Ramu Upazila Sadar Sadar about 8 km from Choumohani (Ramu-Naikhongchhari road), Kurukkhop Bazar. If you have a little to the left of the market, Kawarakhop Hakim Rakima High School is more than 3 kms east of the school, with a 70-80ft high mountain in front. Tunnels under the mountain, Kanazawa. The width of the tunnel is about 7 feet. Inside a little more.

Some tourists have recently been found in the tunnel area.

In April last year, the tunnels under the roof of the ramu painter Tanvir Sarwar were about 350 feet long. He is president of the Cox Bazar Arts Club. Tanbir Sawar Prothom-aloI walked about 70 feet from the tunnel. The road to the remaining tunnel had to crawl with him. At a distance of 60 feet he found a salon 25 feet high and 25 feet wide. Four tunnels around the pond are installed on top of the hill, and the other two are below. The tunnel filled with soil is full. Tunnel walls have been found in many types of drawings. Many bats and insects are filled in the caves.

Tanvir Sarwar said he was surprised to see the tunnel. It's not just a tunnel, it's a 100-year history. It is important to store the tunnels.

Shamasul Alam, a resident of Ukhighona in Kawarkhacha and a member of the Cox Bazar District Council, said the Kan Raja tunnel is a little far from his village. During his childhood he visited the tunnels several times with local people. Then he entered about 100 feet. I saw a cart or stage in the tunnel. Many people called it a toilet. Once upon a time, Chaitriketi festival is going on.

Kishor Barua, principal of Hakim Rakima High School, decided last year to recruit workers to remove the jungle that filled the jungle of the hill and appoint people to show the tunnel. Now many people will see the tunnel every day. When this archaeological site is preserved, the arrival of tourists increases.

Deputy Cox. Kamal Hossain recently said he was interested in tourism to preserve the earth's heritage, including tunnels. They are seriously considering providing facilities to tourists, including road construction in archeological areas.

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