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What will come to WhatsApp?


New Features Add New Features to Customers India's Technology-Based Media Gadgets Facebook-owned organizations are now developing new features. that is –

Dark mode: Dark mode is one of WhatsApp's most compelling features. This feature was found in the beta app. Dark mode is very useful for reducing eye pressure. After sunset, the pressure on our eyes caused a lot of pressure on the phone. This is thought to be a special function to reduce the pressure.

Quick edit media: Whatsapp has already begun working on a new feature called & # 39; Quick Edit Media & # 39 ;. This feature appeared in the new beta version of the app. Can be used to exchange other media files. Quick edit media is very different from the rest of WhatsApp's editing tools.

More Forwarding Information: To save on false news, WhatsApp added a & # 39; passed & # 39; label to messages forwarded from last year's sender. WhatsApp is now thinking about improving its functionality by adding a label called & # 39; Frequently Delivered & # 39 ;. This feature lets you know when a message was sent and when it was read.

QR code: WhatsApp plans to add new content via QR code. Since the name is tagged in Instagram, this new feature of WhatsApp is known. Each WhatsApp user will receive a new QR code that can be shared with others. While using the WhatsApp webpage, this phone is logged through this QR code in WhatsApp. This QR code is added to add new content.

Hide mutation status: Like Facebook's Unfollow option, WhatsApp's Hide Mute status & # 39; does not completely block your contacts, but blocks them from your status feed. If some of your current statuses are currently muted, they will appear below your status feed. Whatsapp strives to improve this feature so that it can completely remove mute status feeds.

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