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A revolutionary medicine against mosquitoes?


If you can not dream of a summer evening, until you feel nauseous listening to the smell of lemongrass in winter? And did researchers finally find a way to protect themselves against mosquitoes?

If a mosquito bites you or rather a mosquito it does not bother you … In fact, human blood is needed to feed eggs. The researchers team therefore sought to find ways to suppress appetite. Medicines for mosquitoes will be the solution.

Blood-filled mosquitoes will not poke for four days.

If mosquitoes are the cause of mild discomfort, mainly acne and itching, Some species can spread serious diseases to humans., Yellow fever, Zika virus, dengue fever or Chikun ya. There are many ways to protect themselves in their ways No quick edits. In a study published in the daily newspaper on Thursday, February 7 cellWe would have discovered how a team of researchers at Rockefeller University in New York could repel mosquitoes with drugs.

" Control the transmission of infectious diseases. "This was the goal of a researcher who studied the mosquito species Aedes aegypti and was particularly concerned with the spread of the disease. They found that after drinking the bite with humans, blood was no longer needed for four days. Saturated mosquitoes will not poke for days..

How do you block the urge to stab again? Simply by having them believe that they are already full of blood. Therefore, scientists have studied how to act on female saturn hormones: neuropeptide Y (NPY). Responsible for appetite control NPYLR7.

Stimulates the mosquitoes and gives them a feeling of fullness and profanity.

they Develop a chemical solution to reproduce a feeling of fullness. Leslie Vosshall, co-author of the study, As for the whims we think, let's go to the most natural experience possible. Take medicine for human nutrition and see if they are against mosquitoes. It's amazing how it worked so well. ", Can be read on Technologie Media's website. They have it. These drugs were mixed with a solution containing molecules found in most animals that strongly attracted mosquitoes..

The researchers injected 20 mosquitoes that did not respond to warm or human odors.. The problem is how to deliver this medicine …A bait that prefers a "feeder" containing a drug solution in the mosquito's drinking area is currently preferred. Is this a miracle solution that can permanently remove mosquitoes? There is no safe month. " Nature is too smart.. Leslie Boshal says. So use sprays, candles and natural mosquito repellents!

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