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Apple was able to pay compensation to a 14-year-old boy who discovered a bug in FaceTime that spooked the recipient.

A 14 – year – old teen discovered a spy glitch in Apple 's FaceTime app a month ago. FaceTime is a video conferencing application developed by Apple for devices running Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later that allows video and voice calls over devices running iOS and through an Internet connection. The bugs in question are mainly related to the Talkgroup feature of the FaceTime application. In fact, in addition to the audio stream transmitted by the microphone of the recipient's iOS device, a video stream transmitted by the camer of the latter device may be transmitted via FaceTime, even if not detected.

Apple responded to the remainder of this announcement. Our team is aware of this problem, identifying patches to be released as part of the software update, and declaring my company with my voice. From his spokesman. The company also thanked Grant Thompson and his family for their efforts to warn the company of this bug. The young man interviewed at CNBC on Monday was surprised that a company like Apple, who claims to be a leader in privacy, did not report the existence of such flaws in the application. What rewards can Grant get from Apple?

At this point, his mother replied to the company's senior manager, first of all, to thank them and later to say that Grant deserved a buggy bonus. They also pointed out that Grant was eligible for the bounty program. If he received a bonus for what he found, he would have the opportunity to go to college. Because I think he will go away. In an actual interview, his mother was a field of prior interest. For some Internet users, I did not realize that the company was too clichéd. In this type of business, this type of behavior is not allowed when the quality tester is aware that it will receive a six-figure salary.

Sometimes Grant Thompson would have said that he would continue to use Apple products. The reason is that sometimes engineers can get out of alert and be seen by the average user who likes him. Claiming that Grant would pay a premium for what he found, Netizen said it would give Microsoft $ 10,000 a year to find a way to hack Xbox accounts. Microsoft realized that a 10-year-old could hack his Xbox account if he knew the length of the password.

As for Apple, others wonder if a simple excuse is enough to forget this violation. For them, there is no evidence that malicious intentions would have exploited this flaw. According to them, Apple should encourage Grant to continue product testing and to report bugs. What they're saying is a lack of corporate encouragement or bug bonuses that encourage hackers to work in the shadows. Apple is committed to improving the process by which users receive and report bug reports so that they are delivered to the right people as soon as possible.

source : CNBC

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