Thursday , December 3 2020

"Are you freezing?" (Full video)

Julie and Melissa's executioner, who said she was very depressed a few years ago, seems to have been a fraud. As proof, these unpublished documents have reached our editorial office. An image of Marc Dutroux clearly enjoying the cool, joking ice with other prisoners. And despite the temperature, Dutroux faces the shorts gel …

Pediatric killers even seem to enjoy the ice and respond to the irony of the situation with a sense of humor to the detainees. "And Mark, we slipped" Throw a prisoner at his window. "It's frozen, is not it?", Dutroux responds with a cheerful tone. We are far from the images depicted by us by his relatives years ago.

At Nivelles Prison, Marc Dutroux is the subject of a special regime. If you go to the playground, you will be beneficial. A strictly organized outing to keep other inmates from crossing his path.

Exclusive video and all:

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