Thursday , March 30 2023

Arsenal: Welbeck, "Serious" ankle injury – Info Wire – England – Abroad


Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck suffered a serious injury to his right ankle as he made a 0-0 victory against Lisbon in the Europa League on Thursday night. "Danny will remain in the hospital and continue to be monitored, and the next assessment will be done within 72 hours." Welbeck was out of the stretch during the first half after a 0-0 draw, but the English club still reached the 32nd round.

During the match, Manchester United star's ankle stuck to the lawn and suffered severe pain. Arsenal manager Unai Emery has admitted that at the end of the game Welbeck's injury shocked the entire team. "When we play soccer, when we play at this stage, it can happen, we do not want it, but it's part of our job, and we think this injury is serious," he said. Due to injuries, Welbeck may be unavailable for several months in a match between the United States and Croatia.

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