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Bank of WWE Money 2019 Results

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Photo Credit: WWE

WWE announced WWE Money at the 1919 Bank 2019 Special Exhibition in Hartford, Conn.

Bank of WWE Money 2019 Kickoff Summary

– Pre-Show starts with Jonathan Coachman, who welcomes us and presents his panel of Sam Roberts, Charly Caruso and David Otunga. They discuss the map.

In the backseat, Sarah is with Becky Lynch and asks if we will see the end of Becky 2. Tonight? Becky says that two clowns know they do not have what they need to win their solo. If they go to the stadium alone, the game will change. She is here to show that the reign of the champion means something. She will beat twice tonight.

– Look for Lacy Evans from behind. Evans says that Becky says too much and she does not say anything. If Becky is happy to talk, she would be more fun to keep her title. Charlotte Flair will continue to wash and Becky will realize that she can not accomplish against Queen and Queen.

– Behind the scenes, Sarah asks Kevin Owen if he can win. Owens will defeat Kofi after the ruin at Kofi Kingston, and he does not question whether he will win. He will remove Kofi's conscience. He will end his dream and return it to reality. Owens says that if Kofi keeps the Xavier Woods as it is, it will be a new day in the WWE champion Kevin Owens era.

– Backstage, Nicky Cross always said she was the last choice. But Alexa Bliss gives him a chance and shows him his love. Last year, Bliss signed an MITB contract and wants to be like Bliss this year.

– Tag Team Match – Untitled

Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. Usos (Jimmy and Jay)

At the end of the fight, Us tied Rawan's Superkicks and made a double jump suicide. Jey makes a Bryan sound with Superkick. Jimmy gets the tag and gives Bryan a double splash instead of three.

Winner: The Usos

The panel will discuss the different fights of the evening. Naomi arrives at the ring and ends the pre-show.

Summary of major shows on the next page.

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