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Death of Emiliano Sala: The first element of revealing autopsy


Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala has reportedly died of "head and chest" injuries.

According to the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), a government agency that disclosed some elements of the autopsy, a former Nantes player would not have died from drowning. We also found that his fingerprints enabled him to verify his identity. The final report will be submitted six months later.

Request a donation to find Sala's pilot

The British pilot David Ibbotson's family on this plane has begun a request to resume search to find donations on the Internet.

British investigators recovered the body on Wednesday against FC Nantes striker FC Nantes on Wednesday, but had to stop studying because of the bad weather affecting the location of the body of the aircraft. Guernsey is about 20 kilometers north of Anglo Romana Island.

"Getting to know that research was stopped in a short time made this tragic period even more difficult"Write the pilot's family on the Gofundme website. "We rely on the kindness of friendly people who help us raise the funds needed to find a loving father and husband and son."She added. "David Ibbotson goes home and helps him get goodbyes worthy." On Saturday morning, requests for donations increased a little £ 25,000 (€ 29,000) out of 300,000 (€ 343,000).

On January 21, England's single-engine Piper Malibu vanished in Nantes (Cardiff) (Wales), where a 28-year-old soccer player and 59-year-old David Ibbotson disappeared.

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