Sunday , November 29 2020

Dortmund scored the fifth goal of the Witsel season in a league match against Hannover.

Bundesliga leader Dortmund, who won 5-1 in poor Hannover, temporarily resumed the second time in Munich, and had to win Sunday if they could stay in the game.

Dortmund had a strong and accurate strike at the entrance of the square with his team of Achraf Hakimi (24), Marco Reus (60), Mario Götze (62), Raphael Guerreiro (67) and Witsel (90). The fifth goal in all of the preliminary mid-season and season contests of the standard factory Hannover honored Bakalorz (86) in the second half.

On Sunday, Bayern will avoid gambling by avoiding the 16th Stuttgart attack and will be defeated three times in a row.

The third n Heglastbach came out of Trap Trap of Augsburg and won 2-0 after losing many opportunities, including penalties, in the second half of the first period. The "OtherBorussia is Bayern who is temporarily back. 9 points in Dortmund.

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