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Elon Musk speaks more about the connected brain's dreams.


Since 2017, Neuralink, a startup company, is studying how to connect the brain. Entrepreneurs talked more about his ambitions for the first time. In particular, he hopes to start testing for humans next year.

This is the kind of information that can be categorized somewhere between passion and worry. In a lengthy video speech, Elon Musk revealed more about the ambition of Neuralink, a start – up in 2017 in San Francisco on Tuesday. Neuralink simply wants it. Creates symbiosis between artificial intelligence and the brain.. To this end, entrepreneurs connect the human brain with a small sensor. Once the electrode is connected to the brain "LHow to create a complete brain-machine interface"Explained Elon Musk.

According to Elon Musk, the first test can be done next year.

The idea seems to come straight from science fiction, but it is not an impossible dream for a fickle entrepreneur to embody that innovation. According to him, the first test may be held next year. The beginning of a long adventure. Gifts for entrepreneurs, Such surgery can be as plain as other operations. Like laser eye surgery. In addition to the chip in question, the company is responsible for developing the technology needed to transplant the sensor into the brain. Surgery can be done simply with a small incision.

End of barrier

But what is the point where the robot and the human brain merge? In the short term, it will be primarily medical. When you connect the brain's electrodes, according to experts from the beginning It treats diseases such as epilepsy or Parkinson's disease. But the president 's goal should go a lot further. This connection, for example, directly interacts with a smartphone or computer. Entrepreneurs want to put an end to barriers that actually reduce the efficiency of interaction with the machine.

"Our eyes can process a lot of information quickly, but the input system to enter messages with your fingers is very slow."

In the first announcement of the Neuralink project in 2017,Our eyes can handle a lot of information quickly, but input systems that use fingers to enter messages are very slow.According to Musk, the ambition of this crazy project is not to make male robots, Check the evolution of artificial intelligence.Who "Domestic cat".

Already tested for mice

Specifically, Elon Musk is hoping to begin the first test on humans in the second quarter of 2020. However, before that, it is still necessary to obtain approval from the US government to conduct clinical trials. According to the official document published by the startup, The first test was already done on mice. These last things will be visibly crucial. 87% of the 19 completed tasks succeeded. This first experiment allowed us to record the activity of thousands of neurons each time.



Since its inception, Neuronk has already raised $ 150 million, two-thirds of which was brought directly from the pocket of Elon Musk.

In his speech, Elon Musk was also tested for monkeys and the latter was "Control his computer with his brain.This information can not be found in the documents released early in the establishment, and Neuralink is already believed to have raised $ 250 million from Elon Musk's pocket. His idea is iron-hard.

If the Musk has a habit of shining every time it decides to interfere, the other startups are already venturing out. One of the most ambitious projects was called Kernel. But this startup, which was created in 2016, had to downgrade its ambitions. At first, the company wanted to build a technology that could improve human cognitive abilities. After only one year of debut, startups have shifted focus more on brain stimulation solutions to cope with diseases such as depression.

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