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Game Boy celebrates 30 years

(Belga) This year's first portable console, Game Boy, celebrated its 30th birthday. The console developed by Nintendo, a video game giant, was released in Japan on April 21, 1989, and in Europe in 1990.

Today video games are part of everyday life, but the appearance of Game Boy in 1989 was a revolution in the video game world. Obviously, Nintendo has already launched a pocket game (Game and Watch) between 1980 and 1991, but the Game Boy was the first console cartridge. From the outset, the Game Boy design was rude and the game was somewhat limited, but the Game Boy started video game mode when the home console was still an exception. Tens of games have been sold on Nintendo, including the Game Boy and Mario series and the inexplicable symbolic Tetris. Despite console competition developed by Sega and Atari, more than 120 million multi-generation Game Boys were sold. The inventor of Game Boy and Game and Watch was Gunpei Yokoi of Japan, a true pioneer in the video game industry. (Belga)

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