Friday , December 4 2020

"GAME OVER": 100 activists disguised as Pac Man, working at the Apple Store in Brussels (video)

Over 100 people attended the event, including the gang angry old people, who participated in a flashmob organized at the Apple store in Brussels on Saturday. By noon, the participants flooded the store with dollar-colored balloons to blame multinational corporations for tax freebies.

"Game Over". This is the Avenue de la Toison d ' Or tagged slogan in the window of the Apple Store in Or. Police urging multinational companies to pay taxes in Belgium Police quickly alerted protesters and kicked them out, a Brussels police spokesman explained.

Hundreds of inflated balloons were sent to the shop by the activist. Some, disguised as Pac-Man, went into stores to steal dollars like video games of the 1980s. There was a graffiti "Game Over" on the window. "If Apple pays the tax at the Belgian tax rate (33.99%), it will have paid $ 500 million since 2002. It's the same amount as the 10,000 nurse salary a year."The activists said.

When the police arrived, the actors went to the ground. The police closed the door and everyone, including customers, had to present their identification before leaving. This is not the first flash boom of its kind to be organized. Last April, it was Mc Donald, the scene of the action, and the Ikea burial spot in Anderlecht.

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