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"He raped me and got the confidence to get there." (Video)

She was only 17 years old at the time. We are in 2017. Melissa writes to Christian Quesada and becomes a record holder for the "Les 12 coups de midi" show on TF1. Soon there will be an exchange between the champion and the young woman, revealing their most precious dreams with confidence. He attends Chilil Hanouna (Touche pas à mon poste).

Christian Quesada, a calendar opportunity, has a few more days on the show. He suggests that she accompany the set so she can realize her dream. She thinks she is full of good emotions and suggests she accepts. Especially because Christian Quesada has to pay everything.

Because Christian Quesada is getting harder and harder, the dream becomes a nightmare for Melissa. Especially when they found him in the same hotel room … "He was lying in bed and asked me to come next." Tuesday, April 16th I started asking Cyril Hanuna. Not in my post of touch. "I did not dare too much, I went next to him and he started kissing my mouth, so five minutes later I stepped in front of my mouth and he dared to take off his kiss again." .

She continues. Christian Quesada told him: "You feel safe with me." Quesada said to him, "I feel safe with you. You will realize your dream, you will see Cyril and Camille "except that Melissa is not in all of this opinion," I thought in my head, "In the place where I am safe, he raped me have. " […] He uses my confidence to "

A new testimony to the fallen "12 noon" champion after prosecution for "custody and dissemination of child pornography".

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