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"He will play again, I did not make my final decision"

Zinedine Zidane (28, Real Madrid) played 2-2 against Selig Vigo (France) on the 2nd. At this meeting he did not hesitate to review eleven years, and decided to establish Keylor Navas instead of Thibaut Courtois. Though many observers made the expected decision, nevertheless the French engineer had to justify it.

" Navas and Courtois, I thank all of them. Thibaut proved he was a great goalkeeper, but Keylor thinks he is important to the group as well. Zidane explained in a statement Marca said. " He did not forget what he accomplished here.
"Costa Rica wanted to win 3 especially in the Champions League while achieving their goals." He has been playing less recently, so he should have more time to play.

Can you see the Red Devils are clearly demoted from the Madrid bench? " Thibaut will still play. Luca (Zidane, his son NDLR) "Relieves the French." I saw three great guardians. Real needs 2 or 3 large goalkeepers, and coaches always have to make tough decisions. I believe in them until the end of the season. So Zidane said in this post He could not make his final decision. About Porter 1.

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