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"I am better known for my mad and crazy role."

I like Belgium.

The actress will perform at the Auderghem Cultural Center from April 2 to 7. As long as there is love Patrick Chesnais, Valérie Buegue and Laurent Gamelon.

Pierre-Yves Passover.

Paris match. So, what about the famous Gigi? bronze?
Marianne Shasel. I am more and more madly mad because I am my role. I am Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. I made this work for someone other than myself. My character is often a positive brilliant victim in the sense that he fights and fights and does not see himself as a loser. They do not complain and do not always do that.

Here you are back in a sentimental and timid manner. As long as there is love.
One may think that she is going through a boulevard between a woman, her husband, and her lover. However, there is a twist from the beginning. This husband, who has a mistress, does not want her wife to leave when she wants to leave with a chemist. This is the opposite situation. They are not at the same wavelength at all. She is boring like a dead rat. Cowards do not want to choose, so you will have to kill him …

You have lived with Christian Clavier for 30 years and have come to know a new love story. What is the secret of a pair of longevity?
You must be able to adapt to the case, strive, and fight. In particular, we believe that we live things that are not ordinary. From the moment you think your couple will die, he dies. So do not think about it! It is love that rewards those things others have not experienced or can not understand. It even improves it. My parents have lived together for the rest of my life, but that is not why they were happy. They were socially together. But at what price? In this room, you can finally enjoy these clichés. Laughter makes a huge job. It alleviates tension. And it feels good. Smiling for 10 minutes a day is like eating a steak. Finally, I do not say it for vegans, otherwise they will throw me a pitch. ..

"Jérémy Ferrari:" It is better to die than to dance with the stars! "

How does it relate to Belgium?
It is an artistic link. We came very early to introduce one of our first shows created in the early 1970s at Splendid. We have not yet shot a movie. It happened at Atelier Sainte-Anne, the street of Sainte-Anne next to Sablon. It was a cafe theater that was a nightclub, restaurant, and art gallery made by two young people. We just started, and I was studying history. They suggested opening the cafe theater and we came to play for two months. We exchanged two shows in Brussels. We found the city, we had fun … Michelle Blanc was a karate. I remember he tore his muscles, and we died of laughter!

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A long time cute sin?
(She removes a small bag from her purse.) Chocolate! I like Neuhaus and Marcolini.

Favorite dish?
waterzooi. Especially people with fish. Or shrimp croquette.

Favorite Belgian?
It is from Namur that makes me laugh a lot because we performed at a humorous festival. We entered the pastry shop, famous for its blueberry pie. And that lady then told us (Marie-Anne Chazel takes the accent): "I cap you cream with a cap – it made us laugh for hours!

What do you want to rent in Belgium?
I would say it is a form of tolerance, tolerance, of pretension. I know people are living in a very hostile country. And the Belgian people are not at all. Belgium is more frustrated than France and has more tolerance because it crossed more. She is smaller. It can have the form of more open vulnerability. We have many qualities in France, but there are especially important flaws: superiority.

And on the other hand, what do you not understand in Belgium?
Political mode of operation. Obviously it works. Even if there is no government, obviously. No, but what a lesson! It really raises the question of one usefulness … (laughs)

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Marie-Anne Chazel plays in Brussels in early April. © DR

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