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If you spend time in front of the screen, you will get fat.


It is so cruel. But it is real. The screens of computers, smart phones, and televisions have a real impact on weight gain.

Almost 1 out of 2 French people are overweight or obese. Problems, screen, we are omnipresent in our lives and promote weight gain. how? first The screen recommends eating and eating all day.. Trap in front of the screen We do not necessarily hungry. So nutrition and energy intake is too high. Our senses captured on our screens are no longer ours.

Also, why spend time in front of the screen … Sit down and live. If you do not need to be involved in this, the more time you spend sitting on the couch or in the office watching the screen, the less time you spend walking and moving. therefore, Bad fats are easier to store. Walking 30 minutes a day would be enough to solve this problem …

Another point is that the impact of advertising on junk food is greatly facilitated by the screen. Sweets, burgers, pizza … the number of television commercials or social networks will increase and promote the sale of these products. We recently The development of neuromarketing. Barely visible screen ads leave a good impression on our brain products and are implicitly remembered for three months.

Finally, our digital activity increases sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep promotes weight gain. Most Connected At night, they lose up to two hours of sleep.It is huge. Losing sleep significantly increases the risk of overweight. Basically the best way is to Go to bed with a good book.Instead of skipping Insta until there is no time

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