Sunday , November 28 2021

In a few weeks, (eg) Arnaud Gavroy,


This is the first time Arnaud Gavroy has addressed since the election. He has not been retained by his party Ecolo for a new cast for college students he … After 12 years in the city as Alderman alone, the man is disappointed. And even it is very bitter.

After the Christmas break, he will be a professor of history at the Sainte-Marie Institut, which left twelve years ago. Did you come back to lead foot?

"I am an idealist. I made politics above ideal. And I have chosen to teach by ideals: to train young people, to give them keys to reading, to encourage them to participate, to believe in work … and history lessons allow everything! So I will not go back to the lead feet only! My concern is about the changed history program. Sometimes I teach you how to dry out the content and what you can do in class … I would like to continue the live course 12 years ago. I return to that spirit."

In addition, Arnaud Gavroy intends to serve as a member of the House of Councilors for the next six years.

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