Thursday , March 30 2023

In the Flemish municipalities, the following should be inferred from the arrival of PTB power:


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Zelzate (East Flanders) The first involvement of PTB / PVDA in Belgium's majority municipalities provides an opportunity to discover power events, contrary to criticism of the party's true power desire, Pascal Delwit, a political scientist at ULB.

The city's political context, where 12,000 residents live, will allow the PTB to rule without too much pressure, he added. On Saturday, sp.a and PTB / PVDA announced a majority decision at Zelzate. The new aldermanic college, which is two seats less than the current one, will be composed of two socialists and two left-wing members.

According to Pascal Delwit, the likelihood of joining the Flanders coalition is very high. This is because the balance of power balances fairly. PTB won 22.8% of the vote on October 14th and sp.a was 24.9%. "The party goes up one level, and you can experience it in one of the biggest cities in the country," he said.

Political scientists continue to analyze that Zelzate's political context will not bring much expectation. "In the North, there are a few culturally, for example, in the Walloon industry, the expectations are much higher, especially the pressure of trade union organizations," he said.

After the elections and PTB's electoral breakthrough, political parties agreed to integrate a new majority in the majority of Walloon municipalities and Molenbeek-Saint-Jean without signing a political agreement. With his participation in Zelzate, Pascal Delwit has been able to alleviate criticism of his true desire to have a sense of responsibility. "From a communication point of view, they can say that we have no problem in relation to power."

But this experience is too short to prove by the 2019 election, but a political scientist concluded that success or failure could affect 2024 in the next municipal election.

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