Thursday , March 30 2023

Ixelles: The university is almost finished.



Last night at PS, PS confirmed the chairman of the four Alderman and CPAS.

Future market universities and Échevins ixellois are almost finished. For the record, Ecolo benefits from five Alderman and burgomaster posts (in the case of Christos Doulkeridis). PS is chairman of the CPAS and has four Alderman qualifications.

Last night at PS, PS confirmed the chairman of the four Alderman and CPAS. Caroline Desir takes care of public order, Romain De Reusme of public works, Nabil Messaoudi of public cleanliness, Bia Diallo of sports, co-workers and finances, and go to CPAS ixellois Hassan Ghegdani.

Ecolos held a general meeting on Monday night. Everything has not stopped yet. "Christos Doulkeridis, the future mayor, who refuses to communicate before the end of the day, says," We still have to think about two jobs and the profession must be able to match Alderman's job. "It takes some time, but I hope I can finish everything over the weekend."

According to good sources, Ecolo is particularly interested in persuading Nora Bednarski. For example, it is much higher than the 4th place Ecolo (1,140 votes) and Yves Rouyet. Nora Bednarski is a member of the European Union. By accepting admission to ixellois college, she is currently at risk of losing a good part of her income …

Yves Rouyet has to deal with urban planning and mobility, and it is already known that Audrey Loes and Els Gossé (Groen elect) also have to go to college.


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