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Jean Van Hamme wins from XIII to the Nobel Peace Prize


At 79, Artist Jean Van Hamme, Known as the series XIII, Thorgal and Largo winch, He released a proud album of his career: Chivu. Designed by Christophe Simon, this manga accuses the terrorist regime of the Democratic Republic of Congo in mid – September.

"The rebels who are intrinsically militant groups of the Hutu are defeating the time and organically fearing that they are destroying the social structure of the Kibo ethnic group, Bash." Jean Van Hamme said, "They have the technology of fear by destruction."

In this area, armed gangs slaughtered women for rape and seizing cobalt, manganese, copper and especially coltan to men. Coltan is a valuable minerals essential to mobile phone manufacturing and refining. "Every time we turn on our laptops, women are damaged," says Jean Van Hamme.

The authors express their gratitude to the Belgian surgeon, Guy-Bernard Cadière, who is familiar with the area and who regularly visits the Panzi hospital in Bukavu, southern Kivu. do. Nobel Peace Prize 2018 doctor in this very safe building Dennis StayThose who have the nickname "Heal the woman" save women who are sexually abused by armed gangs. "Dr. Guy-Bernard Cadière said that few doctors are willing to help Dr. Monk within the scope of a surgical technique called laparoscopy, said Jean Van Hamme.


42,000 women's repairs

This story follows the path of a candid and young Belgian engineer. When the story unfolds with the reader, I find out what is happening in the "rather abominable reality" Kibbutz through encounter with the girl Violette. Kivu's drama is not over, but the script writer who uses someone else to finish his story says, "This is the principle of old narrative."

"The happy ending of the youth and the girl," he said, "happiness is happening, the majority of the healed women recover and restore their dignity." In ten years, Mukwege fixed more than 42,000 women. "" This is the role of Mook Wei and Guy Bernard Cardier, there are some who are doing well, or their role is useless. "The designer Christophe Simon has been found to be very valuable.

Jean Van Hamme's happy ending "does not change the situation, it's a very legitimate moment of hope for me, and my wife likes to finish me happily, and I have not always done it." Unlike his quirky expressions: I XIII and Thorgal. I do not despise them because I can quickly sketch characters from a second character in a comic book. "

"Generalized omerta"

Van Hamme honors Panzi's doctors through this album. "I respect the surgeon who can ignore the drama surrounding this surgeon and devote himself to his mission." When we bring back a three-year girl or woman, they are being completely slaughtered in the crotch and focused on surgery "Jean Van Hamme, a multinational company's" generalized omerta "

"The people who make tablets and cell phones know what is happening in Kibbutin, but when Coltan travels through Rwanda and goes through Malaysia, multinational companies have to ignore what is going on. "Rwanda is not interested in intervening because its relationship with Rwanda is not so good," Rwanda said.

XIII Mystery

"Political books"

Until now, Jean Van Hamme had never spoken in such a straightforward, brutal manner of the present situation. In his most modern series, XIII and Largo winchNonetheless, he sharply portrayed the upheavals of the twentieth century.

"in XIIIIt is past or current American neuroses: Vietnam, Ku Ku Klan, McCarthy's witch hunt, racist, but it is still behind. At Largo these are the generations that can occur 40 years ago. ChivuIt is completely different. It is a little fictional story about the eternal drama background. It is really a political book. "

He does not neglect the novel. I was released a few weeks later. Chivu Last volume XIII MysteryIn the series, he is the director of the collection. He explores the lives of several subordinate figures in a political thriller inspired by Robert Ludlum. This album is dedicated to a character that Judith Warner likes. "It was a character I owned," says the scriptwriter. "I like the nature of women who decide their fate, they make a mistake, and once Vance does not make a glittering blonde, he has a brown hair of character!" I saw a lot of ways that Olivier Grenzen painted it . . "The screenwriter also noted that at the end of November, surveyTo clarify the series.

How to say goodbye to the series that made him famous. He has no plans to write a sequel: "I do not have to ask Yves Cente and Igor Gionov about his sequel." As he prepares the series Wayne Shelton, He says he does not have nostalgia. XIII, largo and Thorgal. "I am happy, but I do not miss anything in the past, my present is enough, I feel fulfilled, I want to be 30 years younger, but it is my joint to tell me."

Kivu, Christophe Simon (painting), Jean Van Hamme (scenario), The Lombard, 72 pages, 14.99 euros.

Judith Warner, XIII Mystery, Olivier Grenson (painting), Jean Van Hamme (scenario), Dargaud, 56 pages, 12 euros.

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