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"Knitting on the lawn": A report on the TF1 (Women's World Cup)


This Tuesday noon broadcast has already responded to the Internet.

While France is eliminating Nigeria at night in a complicated game, the French TV channel TF1 would like to pay tribute to the players who are fighting for a few days in this tournament. A new sequence called Michel 's Eye aims to reflect the highlights of this Women' s World Cup game.

But the first broadcast of the noon this week was already exciting. Some Internet users blame the clichés that punctuate the opinions of journalists from the source of the topic.
"With such delicate gestures, we can understand a little dream that we are in the position of the ball very well at the fingertips"The journalist said.
"But the point is elsewhere, this light game is a boy knitting on the lawn, upside down stitches, stitches there"He continues.

Many of the comments that raised the wrath of the Web condemned sexistism in reporters' opinions.

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