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Lyme disease: Dr. Amir Kadir responds to controversy about antibiotic treatment.

Infectiologist-microbiologist Dr. Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital in Terrebonne. Amir Khadir has been constantly controversial about antibiotic treatment to treat Lyme disease.

"My clinic's point is that there's already a filter, a patient who has been a frequent surgeon of rheumatologists, neurologists, and internal medicine specialists." As medical practitioner and former MP participated in the QUB radio program "Trudeau le midi" Considering the possibility.

This method is questioned by several doctors and experts, in a report by La Presse, of the accusation of long-term treatment with antibiotics, referring to the risks.

Consider all possibilities.

Kadir explained that people will meet to meet again from a new angle, taking into account all the possibilities of restoring health.

"I do not have all the answers, what I mean is simply that I can not confuse and despair patients, and then these patients are either in private clinics or in Germany in the United States with a lot of reliable treatments or with less reliable treatments I destroy myself, "said Deputy Quebec Solidaire, a former Mercier rider.


The controversy over Lyme disease was born in 2004 after the publication of the book "Labyrinth 257: A Careful History of Secret Plants of Governmental Biology". The American, Michael C. Carroll, claimed that ticks were trafficked by Nazi researchers who attempted to advance into the United States through US government intervention.

"This is the most important debate that affects modern medicine, and this debate has shown that it deals with the issues that thousands of people need help with," said Dr. Amir Khadir.

According to him, stories that are of interest to "more or less" should not "prevent us from doing good research".

Dr. QUB on radio Interview with Amir Kharir:

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