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Majority agreement between market list and PS

November 15, 2018 09:42

White smoke In Wavre. Thursday morning news fell after a recounting incident. The market list became a majority with the Socialist Party. "In fact, I confirm this agreement " The market says. Francois and Piccolet. I will reveal the name of the future Alderman this afternoon ". The new multiple LB-PS will have 19 seats out of 31 To the community council. As for other listings, this announcement is not a real surprise. "We doubted it. accurate Cho's leader, Benoît Thoreau+. It is a shame because it is an alliance of losers. I do not understand that MR did not make up the majority with Election election winner Ecolo. " Recall that ecologists were called from four to eight.

Impossible settlement

On the side of greenIt has been confirmed that there is no agreement. "We met twice and quickly realized that we could not be together. report Christophe Lejeune, Ecolo List Director In the election. In particular, the MR refused to sign up for a market protocol for the planet. There was also no willingness to help policy with migrants. In particular, training for police officers has been proposed. Finally, reformers have confirmed that privatization of the parking lot wants to outsource certain services. In short, it has been shown to us that we can not be with us. "

On the side of DEFI (Two seats) Rudolf Houtt He approached to become a part of the majority, but he did not hold a position in the executive branch. "I was elected chairman of the community council"He explains. The Wavian opposition party, therefore, won the election for Ecolo (8 seats), CH + (2 seats) and DéFi (2 seats). Alderman's name will be revealed at the press briefing this afternoon.

Pierre Trillion

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